MOONBOTS; A Google Lunar XPRIZE Challenge

Irina and Philipp from the Lernatelier Oberaegeri chose to go to the moon in this decade! Not because it is easy, but because it is hard! This challenge will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills!

Our class did many projects related to space travel. We programmed robots, built and tested water rockets and sent our own astronaut into the stratosphere to the edge of space! We learned how to code, how to carry out experiments and test our rockets and balloon probes before launching them. We used our math skills to predict the landing zone of a weather balloon. We learned about the Apollo Program  and the moon landings almost 50 years ago.

With the Moonbots Challenge we want to put all our knowledge together to achieve an extraordinary goal! We reach for the moon!


Project LODUR - protect the earth from asteroids

In the first phase of the competition, we had to answer the question of what would be left behind for a future moon mission for the benefit of mankind on our satellite, in a two-minute video. The spectacular meteorite of Chelyabinsk, which caused a sensation in 2013, was decisive for the idea. If an even larger meteorite or asteroid would hit the earth, this could cause devastating damage and a lot of suffering. We would therefore like to set up an observation laboratory on the moon to detect asteroids and search for meteorites on the lunar surface. For this purpose, robots are to be brought to the moon, which build up this station, search the surface of the moon for meteorites and then further analyze their nature.