The Robot Game

The Lodur Lunar Lander Module has landed. Now the robot must accomplish its mission on the lunar surface. There are 5 tasks and an extra challenge waiting!


1. Unload from the Lodur Lunar Lander Module

2. Put down the seismograph in the designated area.

3. Pick up a piece of a meteorite, either in the Braschler Double Crater or the Rogenmoser Twin Crater.

4. Unload the piece of a meteorite (task 2) at the research lab inside the box for further analyzing.

5. Rescue the robot from the Concordia Crater by lifting it up and putting it down next to the Crater.

6. Pick up the last component from the research lab and place it on top of the telescope on the Raemsli Ridge.

7. Return into the Lodur Lunar Lander Module


In order to save valuable time and energy, take a shortcut across the crater rim in either direction at least once.


Each successfully completed task will add 10 points to your score. If your robot manages to climb or descend the steep rim at the Raemsli Ridge, you will earn 30 extra points!

The total is a 100 points maximum.

Modkit for VEX IQ

To program the VEX IQ robot kit we used Modkit. Due to our experiences with Scratch, we quickly made the progress necessary to adapt our programming to this task.